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Use our website to realise the cash potential of your vehicle using our fast, easy, free, professional service. If you have a second-hand, used or new car for sale then we will buy it from you, with clear funds.

We Buying Second-Hand and Used Mini’s across the UK Once you have completed the online form with details about the condition of your car, the vehicle valuation experts at Fifth Avenue Cars will assess your car and offer you a payment for buying it. We buy all types of Minis. Whatever the car, we want to hear from anyone who has a Mini for sale. Our valuation experts will offer you a competitive price for your car, plus you won’t pay any 3rd party expenses so you can’t lose!

The Valuation Process

Follow these easy steps for the valuation of your car and get the sale process underway:

Fill in and return the Proposal Form on the right which will provide us with more details about the type of Mini you want to sell: second-hand, used, new etc. This information allows Fifth Avenue Cars to start the valuation process
We will contact you with a no obligation 100% free valuation based on the information about the car you want to sell from the proposal form.
On acceptance by you of our valuation and our terms and conditions, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for collection of your vehicle from home or work in UK mainland. When this part of the sale has been completed, we will then release a banker’s draft or transfer you the full valuation sum, before removing the vehicle.